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Kate Holmes Bodyguard Saves Paparazzi

Kate Holmes’ bodyguard has found himself on strange duty – saving the paparazzi from a beating for photographing the actress in a shop.  Looks like some shop patrons didn’t take to kindly to the harassment and took matters into their own hands.

I’ll assume that the Bodyguard intervened at the clients request, otherwise I can’t see leaving the Principal for any reason.

For the full story, click HERE.


Had a person with a first hand account contact me on this story.  It appears the BG made a tactical choice to defuse the brewing fight that was then occurring outside of a small store front cafe.  Imagine being faced with a scenario where the only way to remove your Principal was to exit past a full blown fist fight, or be trapped inside?  One option would be to do what this agent did and verbally defuse it.  –At the end of the day it worked.