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Israel: The Solution to America’s Airport Security Problems?

Stumbled across an interesting article from The Star.com (via TF) on the differences between airport security in North America vs. how they screen in Israel.

While North America’s airports groan under the weight of another sea-change in security protocols, one word keeps popping out of the mouths of experts: Israelification.

That is, how can we make our airports more like Israel’s, which deal with far greater terror threat with far less inconvenience…

Despite facing dozens of potential threats each day, the security set-up at Israel’s largest hub, Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport, has not been breached since 2002, when a passenger mistakenly carried a handgun onto a flight. How do they manage that?

“The first thing you do is to look at who is coming into your airport,” said Sela.

The first layer of actual security that greets travellers at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport is a roadside check. All drivers are stopped and asked two questions: How are you? Where are you coming from?

“Two benign questions. The questions aren’t important. The way people act when they answer them is,” Sela said.

Officers are looking for nervousness or other signs of “distress” — behavioural profiling. Sela rejects the argument that profiling is discriminatory.

“The word ‘profiling’ is a political invention by people who don’t want to do security,” he said. “To us, it doesn’t matter if he’s black, white, young or old. It’s just his behaviour. So what kind of privacy am I really stepping on when I’m doing this?”

Once you’ve parked your car or gotten off your bus, you pass through the second and third security perimeters.

Armed guards outside the terminal are trained to observe passengers as they move toward the doors, again looking for odd behaviour. At Ben Gurion’s half-dozen entrances, another layer of security are watching. At this point, some travellers will be randomly taken aside, and their person and their luggage run through a magnometer.

“This is to see that you don’t have heavy metals on you or something that looks suspicious,” said Sela.

You are now in the terminal. As you approach your airline check-in desk, a trained interviewer takes your passport and ticket. They ask a series of questions: Who packed your luggage? Has it left your side?

“The whole time, they are looking into your eyes — which is very embarrassing. But this is one of the ways they figure out if you are suspicious or not. It takes 20, 25 seconds,” said Sela.

Lines are staggered. People are not allowed to bunch up into inviting targets for a bomber who has gotten this far.

At the check-in desk, your luggage is scanned immediately in a purpose-built area…

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Surveillance Detection Training Course


Surveillance Detection Course

July 28th – August 1st, 2010 (Minneapolis, MN)

Proactive Surveillance Detection for Executive Protection, Security Managers & Counter-Terror Professionals

Icon Services Corporation together with Multi Tier Solutions Ltd. are proud to present a unique 5-day course focusing on detecting stalkers, potential kidnappers and  pre-attack surveillance, thus stopping a hostile act in the planning stages.  This course greatly benefits those in the corporate and law enforcement sectors with special emphasis placed on detecting terrorist activities and crime across all environments.

As global pioneers in the field of defending against terror, Israel based Multi Tier Solutions, CEO Ivor Terret has teamed with security expert Elijah Shaw and Icon Services Corporation to deliver a realistic course tailored to counter threats faced by security and law enforcement organizations worldwide.

This is an advanced course for protection managers, security consultants and field personnel. You will also learn about all the new technological surveillance gadgets and top notch technology.  It will give your all the skills you need to excel in the tech industry for surveillance detection.

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Stalker & Paparazzi Detection Course

Counter-Surveillance Training

Ok, so I’ve had to keep this under wraps for awhile, but I finally get to let the cat out of the bag:

December 2 -7, 2009 sees the introduction of a new training course focusing on none other than Stalker & Paparazzi Detection.  In the same way that the underlying principals of Executive Protection form the framework of the Celebrity Protection Course, the Stalker & Paparazzi Detection Course is at its essence, Counter Surveillance Training.  In light of that I brought in an expert in the field, Ivor Terret the CEO of Israeli-based Multi Tier Solutions, and an international authority on counter surveillance, surveillance detection and covert executive protection.   

 Together, we will present a unique 5-day course focusing on profiling and identifying stalkers, potential kidnappers and paparazzi in the business, celebrity and high profile VIP industry sectors. The course will offer real world examples and scenarios that will present students with the tools they need to more effectively protect their clients in the real world. 


  • Operating covertly in the world of Executive and VIP protection
  • Case Studies
  • Stalker Pattern Recognition
  • Covert Methods to confirm or deny stalker surveillance
  • Covert Methods to confirm or deny Paparazzi surveillance
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Covert Protection Methodologies
  • Protection Intelligence
  • Covert and Low Profile Risk Mitigation

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