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Rupert Murdoch Attacked During News Corp Hearing

Rupert Murdoch narrowly avoided what at least initial reports claim to be a pie on the face live on international television.   As Mr. Murdoch and his son neared the end of testimony on the News Corp Phone Hacking scandal, an unknown assailant rushed into the area carrying a tin plate that contained a white cream substance.

Interesting enough, one of the first persons that appeared to respond was Mr. Murdoch’s wife Wendi Deng, (in the pink) who jumped up and lunged at the attacker with an open hand yelling “no, no”.   Law enforcement then reacted grabbing the man.    From the vantage point of the camera, no members of the Executive Protection team could be identified responding, but here’s hoping they were onsite and just slightly out of frame.

Click HERE for an initial report

*Updated*  From the video it appears as if a member of Mr. Murdoch’s Close Protection Team jumps up to respond from the right of the frame.