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Student Experiences Following ICON Executive Protection Training


“The  material taught is drawn from actual, relevant Protection experience , presented in a way that is easy to understand and easy to absorb. Without giving too much away, the rotation of classroom sessions, physical demonstrations, and scenario training forces the students to be active participants in their own learning.  In addition to Mr. Elijah Shaw, the  co-instructors were also top notch.  While their approaches to teaching the material were different, their personal investment in making sure that the lessons taught were retained by the students was evident throughout our time there. The Real World vs. Text Book approach is lacking in most of today’s training courses. It is the Real World experiences that help us grow as individuals and security personnel, and ICON’s focus on this aspect was both refreshing and enlightening.”

Miguel DeCoste 

Owner, Coast Executive Services


“Icon provides a memorable experience that will follow you through the course of your career. Each phase of training will prepare an individual for a variety of situations, from providing protection services for a celebrity to escorting a corporate client into a high risk part of the world.  Having spent every moment of my adult life in the United States Marine Corps, in a unit that would train and engage in warfare in hostile environments and conduct operations in foreign countries, I was still challenged, and at times, tested to my limits.  One particular aspect of the Icon course that stuck in my head was the concept of “Real World vs. Text Book”; which ICON uses as fantastic teaching method illustrating the differences between what one reads and adhere to as “gospel”, and how the actual application may differ when presented with the same situation in three dimensions. As the days pressed on, and hours extend, the instructors delved deep into the world of personal protection and brought up a colossal amount of valid points, tough scenarios, and real world personal experiences that aid the understanding of fundamentals.  By the end, not only have you learned a substantial amount, but you have access to the extraordinary and diverse Alumni association with members all over the globe.”

 Michael K. Moreland


“Just when you think you have it figured, you’re wrong.  Coming from a Law Enforcement background and already actively working in the field, I thought I knew the ends and outs of protecting. I won’t go as far as to say I didn’t, but Elijah has taught me to “Unlearn to Succeed.”  The Advance Executive Protection training course is a must attend. The real world scenarios from someone continuously active in the business is invaluable. I would recommend this to any and all.  With that said, be ready to test yourself mentally as well as physically.  This is a true masters class.”

 Kevin Ghee

Owner, PresidiumEPS Inc.


“I want to thank the ICON Instructor Cadre and staff for their support and involvement during my time in the program.  I feel the insight given about the executive protection industry alone heavily outweighed the cost of the course.  Even with a background in military Special Operations, I found there was so much to learn, yet your team helped us develop a strong foothold and understanding in a short time.  I greatly admired how Icon got straight to the point and cut out all the bull.  If only other other organizations operated as efficiently as ICON does.”



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