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Connecting Me to You

Met a great guy several weeks back named Andy Santamaria that owns an interesting business called CMTY which stands for Connecting Me To You.  Andy interviews individuals from different professions and let’s the world know about them through Cyberspace.  He didn’t reinvent the wheel, but he did make the interview process fresh and engaging.  To catch my interview with Andy, click HERE.

Security Dangers of Social Networking

An interesting article on the problem the Middle East is having with the sharing of information on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter:

“This week, Israel’s General Security Service took the unusual step of issuing a warning urging Israelis to be alert to terrorist activity on the Internet. Specifically, people were warned against unsolicited approaches on social networks by strangers offering meetings abroad or easy money and seeking information. Seemingly innocent contacts might be terrorist efforts to recruit or kidnap.

Recently, an Israeli citizen was approached by a person claiming to be a Lebanese merchant offering money in return for classified information…”

Thanks Mike B. for the source reference. For the full article, click the above text.

Twitter and the Bodyguard

So Twitter is my latest challenge in my never ending effort to pull my little corner of Executive Protection marketing kicking and screaming into the technology age. Without compromising any client details it seems like an intriguing way to stay connected. If any of the Icon- Behind the Bodyguard Business, readers want to join catch the wave at www.Twitter.com/ElijahShaw.