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Combating Domestic Violence from a Different Angle


Last night marked the end of an era.  After 6 years, my term as a member of the Board of Directors came to an end with my final board meeting at Women’s Advocates.  For those of you were are not familiar, Women’s Advocates is the United States oldest  shelter for women who are victims of Domestic Abuse, providing support for the women and their children, as well as actively seeking solutions to break the cycle of violence.

I originally began my association with the organization as part of my ISC-Safety Net program.  A service conceived by me to provide free security services to victims of domestic violence.   While working alongside Women’s Advocates I was honored when the Executive Director asked me to consider serving on their board.  After passing the selection process, I then became immersed at looking at the issue of Domestic Violence from a different angle and was recommitted to doing my part to make a change.

elijah and raeone

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to serve on an efficiently running board you know it’s a lot of work, combine that with the challenges of running ICON and of course the heavy client-related travel that i’m involved with, and you can see I had my hands full.  Much respect to my fellow board members for their professionalism and attention to detail.  I learned an enormous amount.

Of course just because my time as a serving board member has expired, I will still be providing support for the organization, notably in increasing awareness of Women’s Advocates – More Than A Safe Place Luncheon and Fundraiser  held in Minnesota May 23, 2013 in St. Paul, Minnesota.  For more information click HERE.

Additionally the ISC-Safety Net program is still in effect, with some very exciting news to be released in the upcoming months.  For a bit of background on the program, catch the news coverage HERE.

WA Gift

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Bodyguards Support the Fight Against Domestic Violence

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month which many know is a cause that I support wholeheartedly.  Today I took a few clients on a tour of Women’s Advocates – The nation’s oldest  shelter for women who are victims of Domestic Abuse, and an organization I have the pleasure of serving on the Board of Directors.  The shelter assists women and their children with coping with a pretty dark period in their lives and does a really good job of helping the children deal with that trauma, by allowing them to well…be children.

During a tour of one of the play areas on the site, I had to keep ducking under the low ceilings, and narrowly dodged a speeding nerf ball.    Then came a challenge:

“I’ll put up $ _ ,_ _ _.00  if you sit in that kid sized chair and post the photo on facebook.”

My response was, not only will I do that, I’ll put it on my Blog.

I spent my morning contributing to aiding the fight against DV.   How you can spend yours?

For more on Women’s Advocates click HERE.

For more on the ISC Safety-Net, my program that provides free security services to victims of Domestic Violence click HERE.