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Bombing Kills 64 World Cup Fans

Two suicide bombers suspected of being affiliated with Al-Qaida initiated an attack in Uganda that left 64 people dead and over 50 more injured.  The attacked focused on fans gathered to watch the final game of the World Cup at a restaurant and a rugby club.

Uganda’s government spokesman said the first blast occurred at the Ethiopian Village restaurant at 10:55 p.m. Two more blasts happened at the rugby field 20 minutes later, he said.

One American has been killed and 14 others injured in the attack.

For the full tragic story, click HERE.

*The photo above was taken during my recent trip to South Africa where I accompanied a client attending the 2010 World Cup. ¬†Mandela’s Square in Johannesburg is a popular place for spectators who are not going to the actual game, and ¬†illustrates the massive crowds that terrorist consider soft targets.