Armed Courier/Armed Escort

We fail to understand why some companies who need secure Armed Courier and Armed Escort services choose to use mass-market, franchised guard services to handle their valuables. Often at these franchises, an atmosphere of overworked and underpaid officers is evident. The problems occur when these same individuals are hired to transport and protect items that are important to you and/or your clients.

It’s scary to think that the motto right out of high school is that “anyone can get an armored car job”

At Icon however, not “anyone” can work for us.

We undergo extensive screening and background checks for all of our armed officers, all of which are supervised by the state.

In addition, we continuously provide ongoing training and incorporate cutting edge technology. Our officers all routinely use GPS systems, motion detectors, and lead/tail vehicles.

Upon assignment, prompt pick-up and delivery is guaranteed.

  • Armed Asset Escorts (Domestic & International)
  • Sensitive Data Courier Services
  • Air Courier Transports