Celebrity Protection & Behavioral Intelligence Course

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Elijah Shaw & Bob Duggan

ICON in conjunction with Executive Security International (ESI) is proud to present both three and five-day courses of practical theory and hands-on training in the world of Celebrity Protection with an emphasis on Behavioral Analysis. If you are new to the bodyguard industry or a current operator looking to refresh and polish your skills, this course will offer excellent instruction into the professional side of Close Protection work.


Elijah Shaw, who in addition to his corporate clients, has traveled the world several times over as the personal bodyguard of international public figures such as musical giant Usher, supermodel Naomi Campbell, and rap megastar 50 Cent, the course will offer real world problems, scenarios, and solutions from the viewpoint of someone that is currently active in the industry.

The 2018 course now features expanded hands-on instruction on the field of International Tour Security and operating at Award Shows & Red Carpet Events.


Bob Duggan is the President and Founder of Executive Security International (ESI), internationally recognized as the Harvard of Bodyguard Schools. His first-hand experience and knowledge of the ideological and psychological drives of terrorist and disturbed individuals is sought out by many agencies. Duggan has lectured for the U.S. Army Intelligence Center and School, at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona an inter-agency school for officers specializing in counter terrorism. This school provides counter-terrorism instruction for all armed forces in the Department of Defense.

The inclusion of Behavioral Intelligence into the course is a vital component to understanding the mindset of an individual that would attempt to harm the Protectee.  Students will be taught the art of seeking out and identifying abnormal human behavior to interrupt the attack before it has been initiated.


Mark “Six” James is the Founder and Executive Director of Panther Protection Services, LLC. He is a seasoned Close Protection Operator/Executive Protection Specialist with over 25 years of firearms, martial arts and celebrity/executive protection experience.

With a start in the security and protection business by providing firearms training to legislators, judicial members and a number of business executives. He later became the Chief Security Officer and Personal Bodyguard for many of those same clients. He regularly protects government officials, corporate executives, entertainers as well as professional athletes.



Course Highlights

  • Operating in the world of Celebrity & VIP Protection
  • Protecting the Principal (Individual & Team)
  • Covert & Overt Protection
  • Working the red carpet & major events
  • Dealing with fans, paparazzi & stalkers
  • Identifying Abnormal Behavior & applying effective countermeasures
  • Transportation movements and logistics
  • Learning how to successfully market yourself and establish a career in the industry

**Military and overseas contractors are encouraged to attend as we highlight the different skill sets needed when transitioning back to a non-warzone environment.

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“The Icon Celebrity & VIP Protection Course is a must for anyone looking to break into the industry or for those already actively working in the field that just want to stay fresh and sharp. Industry insiders will tell you that consistent training is paramount to being hired and successful in the EP business. I have graduated from their courses and I use the skills learned everyday while providing protection. The instructors are top notch in the industry.”

– Sean Ernest, PPS

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