Surveillance Detection Course

Proactive Surveillance Detection for Executive Protection, Security Managers & Counter-Terror Professionals

Applying Israeli doctrine designed to identify terrorists, graduates of this course will provide a previously unavailable level of protection to their organizations or clients

Taught by Ivor Terret, CEO, Multi Tier Solutions Ltd. and an international authority on counter surveillance, surveillance detection and covert executive protection

ICON Corporation together with Multi Tier Solutions Ltd. are proud to present a unique 5-day course focusing on detecting stalkers, potential kidnappers and pre-attack surveillance, thus stopping a hostile act in the planning stages. This course greatly benefits those in the corporate and law enforcement sectors with special emphasis placed on detecting terrorist activities and crime across all environments.

As global pioneers in the field of defending against terror, Israel based Multi Tier Solutions has teamed with security expert Elijah Shaw and ICON Corporation to deliver a realistic course tailored to counter threats faced by security and law enforcement organizations worldwide.

Course Highlights

  • Operating covertly in the world of Corporate, Executive and VIP protection
  • Case Studies
  • Hostile Pattern Recognition
  • Covert Methods to confirm or deny stalker surveillance
  • Covert Methods to confirm or deny terrorist surveillance
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Covert Protection Methodologies
  • Protective Intelligence
  • Covert and Low Profile Risk Mitigation
  • Now available for US Citizens!

This is an advanced course for protection managers, security consultants and field personnel. To view additional courses offered click here!

Hosted By

Icon Services Corporation
Office:(651) 236-8741

Multi Tier Solutions (Israel)
Office:(+952) 8 926-5091

Application Form

Applicants for training with ICON must be reviewed and accepted. If you’re interested in participating in the training course, please let us know, we will send out an application form or Click Here to Download the Application form, promptly fill out and return.

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