Political & Dignitary Assignments

ICON was proud to have played a part with Executive Protection assignments associated with the political process. Most recently we played a significant protection role at the 2012 Republican National Convention & the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

1st. Annual ICON Executive Protection Academy Social Summit

The 1st annual gathering of ICON Alumni. The ICON motto has always been “Train Harder”. We know it’s for that reason, so many of our Alumni have been successful in making their mark in a crowded industry. The downside is everyone is so busy that we rarely have the opportunity to fraternize a bit with our peers. In light of that, we decided to usher in the New Year by turning a full day into a “working lunch”. Created as a way of saying thank you to the graduates of the ICON Academy Executive Protection Programs, but open to the broader Executive Protection community by invitation only, the “Social Summit” is designed to foster stronger ties in the industry. Take the opportunity to network, interact, and even have a few laughs.

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