Celebrity & VIP Course Overview


  • Course content, overview of training, student questions

Meet your client; what you will need to know

  • Profile of a celebrity client (general)
  • Operating in the world of music (touring)
  • Operating in the world of movies (film locations)

Working the Principle

  • Individual formations
  • Team formations
  • Observation skills
  • Arcs of responsibility for each member of the team
  • Principle control and counter action drills
  • Cover & evacuation drills

Security Advance & Threat Assessments

  • How to conduct a successful advance
  • How to conduct a threat assessment
  • Understanding route cards & counter surveillance
  • Dealing with Crowds, Fans, & The Press
  • Working with the press
  • Dealing with the paparazzi
  • Moving your client through crowds

Working the Red Carpet & Major Events

  • Working with the publicist & staff
  • Award shows & events
  • Expecting the unexpected

Vehicle Movements

  • Transportation types
  • Vehicle formations
  • Embus / debus of vehicle with Principal
  • Contingency planning
  • Introduction into VIP security driving

Unarmed Combat & Weapons Retention

  • Quick & effective take-downs
  • Knives & pistols

Firearms Familiarization & Training

  • Weapons safety
  • Weapons training (static & movement drills)
  • Carrying a concealed weapon
  • Situation awareness
  • Legal ramifications
  • Force On Force Training (NEW)

How to Market the Modern Bodyguard

  • Success & Horror stories
  • Marketing in the Internet Age
  • How to find & keep a job in the industry

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