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We are an industry leader in VIP Protection services. with an active client base that has grown to include multiple Fortune 500 Companies and international celebrities, our goal is to offer individually tailored, solution-based risk management.

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Drawn from both the public and private sectors, and coming from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, many consider our firm the All-Star team of the industry. Staffed by a collective of the most talented specialist in their respective fields, our goal is to provide superior services, backed by the expertise that only years of training could produce. brochures on any or all of our divisions.

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Elijah Shaw, CEO

Elijah J. Shaw is the CEO of ICON Global, Inc. A consulting firm specializing in Executive and VIP Protection. With tours of duty that frequently take him across the globe, Mr. Shaw acts as a personal bodyguard to a number of highly recognizable public figures, providing security consultation and staffing worldwide. As an instructor, Elijah teaches an internationally recognized program on Celebrity & VIP Protection at the ICON academy, as well as in conjunction with Executive Security International (ESI), the nation’s oldest bodyguard school, where he currently sits on the Board of Directors.

Elijah also serves as the current National Director of the North American Bodyguard Association (NABA) and holds the position of Managing Editor of the NABA-produced Circuit Magazine in which he writes an ongoing column entitled, Keeping Your Edge. A seasoned expert with dealing with the media on topics related to Executive Protection and the Bodyguard Industry, Elijah has been featured in prestigious publications such as Portfolio, Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazine. In addition, he has been interviewed for his expert opinion on major broadcasts such as The Today Show, FOX and E! News.

On the philanthropic side, Mr. Shaw is the founder of The ISC Safety-Net, a government recognized non-profit 501 (c) (3) program, that provides free security services to victims of domestic abuse and the shelters that support them.

Elijah’s 29 year contribution to the security industry has been in applying licensed and trained talent with a focus on professionalism and customer service, to an industry that is increasingly under the magnifying glass since the events of 9/11, while coping with current issues domestically and internationally.

“We operate on the philosophy I call, “Real World vs. Textbook,” meaning, that there are times when unconventional solutions are required to solve problems. Our firm prides itself in taking a deeper look at the challenges our client face, so that they feel confident in the quality of the advice we give them.”

- Elijah Shaw, CEO

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