Are you using the best investigative company to service your needs?

Do you feel assured of the accuracy of a company’s findings from the moment you receive the update?

Are you even receiving updates?

If the answer to any of the questions above is “No”, our solution could save you or your company hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced settlements and litigation costs as a result of successful investigations.

Icon Investigations, a division of the Icon Global, Inc., was established around one guiding principle; If every file is important, then every file should be handled by licensed, trained, and experienced investigators.

Would you approve if your cases, possibly ending in thousands of dollars in ramifications, or spelling the difference between freedom or jail were being handled by a new-hire with less than one month on the job? At some companies it happens.

At ICON, experience plus desire translate into getting the maximum amount of information into your hands making sure all leads have been pursued, and ensuring that all of your objectives are met. The essence of investigations is: You require accurate information–We provide it.

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It is very important to us that our clients can reach us whenever they need to. We understand the nature of our services, and know that often, time is of the essence.