Bail Enforcement

ICON Corporation’s Fugitive Recovery Division is dedicated to providing bail bond companies and government institutions with a professional and cost-effective fugitive apprehension service. Our objective is to successfully return bail jumpers in the shortest amount of time using the vast resources we have available from both the public and private sectors.

One of the biggest benefits of using Icon is that you have the strength of the entire corporation handling your account. The trained staff of field operatives works hand in hand with our Investigation Division in the skip-tracing and location of the fugitive. Access to hundreds of database records as well as extensive contacts in law enforcement and on the street, gives us an unparalleled success rate.

An Experienced Team

Our field operations team is made up of former military and protection specialists, spearheaded by our deputy chief of investigations who has a professional background of over 15 years in the areas of fugitive recovery and bail enforcement. All Icon staff have undergone a rigorous hiring process as well as continued training on an annual basis. We hold certifications in the use of force firearms, and tactical handcuffing, as well as CPR & first aid.

Levels of Investigations:


*All Inquiries Are Kept Confidential

It is very important to us that our clients can reach us whenever they need to. We understand the nature of our services, and know that often, time is of the essence.