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Recommended Reading for the Bodyguard

From Amazon: The book is highly recommended by business executives, politicians, military officers, security specialists, diplomats, and law enforcement executives around the world. The Art of Executive Protection employs the doctrines of Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese military strategist who taught that one must plan secretly, move surreptitiously, and foil the enemy’s intentions to win the day without shedding blood. That is the essence of executive protection (EP): avoiding conflict through intelligent, proactive thinking.

The author Robert L. Oatman writes a very “real world” book–He takes the “hollywood” out and keeps it very grounded.  He also teaches an excellent course on Executive Protection that I have attended. 

So you want to be a Bodyguard?


Be advised just because you are a current or former; 1.) SEAL, 2.) DELTA, 3.) LEO, 4.) Black Belt/Ninja, 5.) Trained Shooter/Sniper, or what ever you are does not mean you are qualified to do THIS job.

Keep the following in mind:

– Just because you can storm a beach does not make you an expert in protective services

– Just because you can kill a terrorist does not mean can prevent your client from being killed

– Just because you can Protect & Serve a community does not me you know how protect a single client

– Just because you can protect yourself does not mean you can protect someone else

– Just because you can shoot someone does not mean you can prevent someone from shooting your clientThe only thing that makes you qualified to do this job is Protective Services “SPECIFIC” training and practical work experience in this field. Don’t get me wrong some of the best operators in this field are from the above mentioned groups (1-5), but not because they are SEALS, DELTA, LEO’s, MA’s etc but because they are SEALS, DELTA, LEO’s, MA’s, etc with Protective Services “Specific” training and experience.  This is from an excellent post by Kirian in the Executive Protection section of the Tactical Forums Anyone actively involved in the bodyguard community would do well to check this site out.