Executive Protection Training

  • ICON Celebrity & VIP Protection Training Course
    A five day course of practical theory and hands-on training in the world of Celebrity Protection. If you are new to the bodyguard industry or a current operator looking to refresh and polish your skills, this course will offer excellent instruction into the professional side of VIP Protection. Taught by industry veteran Elijah Shaw who, in addition to his corporate clients, has traveled the world as the personal bodyguard of international public figures such as musical giant Usher, supermodel Naomi Campbell and rap megastar 50 Cent, the course will offer real world problems, scenarios and solutions.

      Course Highlights

    • Understanding the world of celebrity protection
    • Protecting the principal (solo & team)
    • Vehicle dynamics
    • Dealing with the fans, paparazzi & stalkers
    • Working the red carpet & major events
    • True Hollywood Stories (what to expect)
    • How to find & keep a job in the industry

    This training is specifically developed for operating with clients in the entertainment industry which offers its own unique challenges to the protection agent (bodyguard). Military and overseas contractors are encouraged to attend as we highlight the different skill sets are needed when transitioning back to a non-war zone. The course also offers great opportunities to network and showcase your aptitude and talents for possible consideration for future assignments.

      Training Certifications

    • ICON (Certification & Recommendation)
      Training Certifications (Available on request, additional fee for NRA Certification)

    • NRA Pistol
    • NRA Personal Protection

    Celebrity Protection Course (Overview)


    • Course content, overview of training, student questions
      Meet your client; What you will need to know

    • Profile of a celebrity client (general)
    • Operating in the world of music (touring)
    • Operating in the world of movies (film locations)
      Working the Principle

    • Solo formations
    • Team formations
    • Observation skills
    • Arcs of responsibility for each member of the team
    • Principle control and counter action drills
    • Cover & evacuation drills
      Security Advance & Threat Assessments

    • How to conduct a successful advance
    • How to conduct a threat assessment
    • Understanding route cards
    • Counter surveillance
      Dealing with Crowds, Fans & The Press

    • Dealing with fans
    • Working with the press
    • Dealing with the paparazzi
    • Moving your client through crowds
      Working the Red Carpet & Major Events

    • Working with the publicist & staff
    • Award shows & events
    • Expecting the unexpected
      Vehicle Movements

    • Transportation types
    • Vehicle formations
    • Embus/debus of vehicle with client
    • Contingency planning
    • Introduction into VIP security driving
      Unarmed Combat & Weapons Retention

    • Quick & effective take-downs
    • Knives & pistols
      Weapons Familiarization

    • Small arms
      Firearms Training

    • Weapons safety
    • Weapons training (static & movement drills)
    • Carrying a concealed weapon
    • Situation awareness
    • Force on force situations
    • Legal ramifications
      True Hollywood Stories (What to expect)

    • Horror stories
    • Success stories
    • How to find & keep a job in the industry


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  • 11 thoughts on “Executive Protection Training”

    1. Good afternoon, I am in the MN NG deployed. I am looking at returnng to the states and working in the security field. I was in the Marine Corps for 8yrs active 3 of which were protecting joint staff (PSD). I am currently a ground pounder overseas but have continued within the PSD field. If you can send any information my way I would appreciate it? Thank You

    2. Name is Daniel Eves from Sacramento Ca 22 years old. I had gone to the April Icon celebrity protecting course. I had meet Elijah Shaw through Myspace and contacted him through there and I told him that I wanted to learn as much as about the bodyguard industry and learn how to get my foot in the door. Elijah had wrote me back and told me that he’s putting on a Celebrity/ VIP training course. I atteneded the April 09 course and meet alot of good people. Elijah, Justin and JD had taught me the the others so much in those five days. After the course I got home and started to network, network and network and finally I got on a detail in two weeks after attending Icons training. While on my details I was with some big names in the music industry and was confident that I would do well on my details by applying those principals/ training that I learned. The guy that brought me on the detail had also attended the course and was very impressed and asked me to work with him on some more details the following week and in the near future. By not knowing nothing about being a bodyguard and after those five days of hard work and listening got me my foot in the door.

      Thanks again to Icon staff, Elijah, JD and Justin and to my classmates.

      Daniel Eves

      Sacramento, CA


    3. I attended the April 09 Celebrity VIP course and found it incredibly valuable. Although the techniques taught in the course are applicable to any protective detail, the trainers’ depth and breadth of celebrity protection experience and the course’s focus on the nuances particular to the celeberity environment are difficult to find in many training courses. I highly recommend this course!

    4. Dear Sir/Madam

      I Paul Dimech age 35 from Malta Europe. Am interested to do a Celebrity/Busnessmen Bodyguad course. I was in the Maltese Army for 12 years and my current job is freelance bodyguard also work and cordinate special events and work in clubs. I like to know how much it cost me the course including the logging. I done courses back in the Army and even 3day basic course in Close Protection. I also am ready to work for your company. Thanks for now.

      Paul Dimech

    5. After a career as an Air Force Officer I am interested in moving my life into a new direction. I am currently in very good condition and am trained in an assortment of hand to hand Tech., and small arms. I’ve had first aid trainging through out my military career and a number of other general areas that would be useful in a personal protective services career. I very much look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your consideration.

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