Workers Compensation Fraud

ICON Corporation┬ácan also handle all of your Workman’s Comp Fraud investigations. Our investigators use a standard questionnaire or we can tailor one to fit your specific needs.

We pride ourselves in making sure we present a professional, friendly manner as we obtain all the information you request.

Our turnaround time on these checks is the fastest in the industry. Whether your assigning several, or several hundred, you will be amazed at our efficiency.

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ICON News Extra

Television news recently broadcasted a segment on workman’s compensation fraud. In it, they found that a widowed woman had been collecting her deceased husband’s work comp check for years. To aid her in this act, she used a younger male to pose as her husband when Perm Total checks were done. Despite the fact that he was obviously younger, they accomplished this fraud by having him stay partially hidden to the investigator, while she answered all the questions. This would never happen at ICON as all of our investigators positively identify the subject in question, and provide a detailed description of the individual in our reports.