Advanced Pistol Course

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ICON presents a fast paced comprehensive course for intermediate to experienced shooters. Taught by our highly qualified instructors, this two day course is open to the public and will prove a dynamic experience into the world of offensive/defensive shooting using a combination of classroom, drills and extended live fire exercises. In addition, an optional 3rd day is offered to members of the Executive Protection Community so that they may enhance their skill set. Limited seating available.

Topics Covered

2-Day Overview:
— Effective Strategies & Distances
— Holster Drills
— Shooting From Cover
— Engaging Multiple Targets
— Dealing with Malfunctions
— Shooting on the Move
— Shoot/No Shoot Scenarios
EP Module: Day-3 Overview:
— Walking Drills
— Shooting in a Team Dynamic
— Client Cover & Evacuation
— Embus & Debus Engagements
— Shooting from a Vehicle
— Hostage Negotiation
— Weapons Retention
— Weapons Disarming

Courses Offered:


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