Celebrity & VIP Protection Course

Next Course: June 22 - June 26, 2024
Location: Raleigh, NC
Cost: $2,500.00

ICON Global is proud to present our internationally acclaimed Celebrity & VIP Protection Course. Over the course of 5 days, students will receive a combination of practical theory and hands-on training in the world of Celebrity & VIP Protection. If you are new to the bodyguard industry or a current operator looking to refresh and polish your skills, this course will offer excellent instruction into the professional side of Close Protection work. This course is jam packed with gems and information. Taught by Elijah Shaw, CEO of ICON, and co-author of the Best-selling books, An Introduction to Celebrity Protection & Touring & Introduction to Executive Protection, he has assembled an all-star cast including the author, multidisciplinary instructor, Mark “SIX” James of Panther Protection Services. *Note this course is a prerequisite to the ICON Advanced course, which can be taken back to back at a discount.

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“Professional guys, they know their stuff and come highly recommended.”

— Sha Money XL, Personal Manager to 50 Cent

Course Overview

The class will present practical firsthand knowledge and tactics obtained from Mr. Shaw's 31 years in the industry where he has actively worked with everyone from international celebrities to former Heads of State. Participants in the course have ranged from those that had zero experience in the industry to active members of the United States Secret Service and the US Special Forces. The course is designed to be as realistic as possible offering insight into the world of Executive & Celebrity Protection. This class will not only teach how to successfully provide protective services to celebrity clients but also how to find, and more importantly, keep the accounts.

-Working with Actors, Athletes & Musicians -Behavioral Intelligence -Working with clients of the opposite sex and small children -Identifying potential clients and proven strategies to attract them -Branding & Business Development -Touring & Public Appearances -Understanding the Red Carpet and what goes into Award Shows -Coordinating & Working Major Events -Dealing with the Press & The Paparazzi -Dealing with Fans & identifying Obsessive Behaviors And much more...

While touching on many areas of Personal Protection, this training module is specifically developed for working with clients in the entertainment industry, which offers its own unique challenges to the Protection Agent (Bodyguard). Military and overseas contractors are encouraged to attend as we highlight the different skill sets needed when transitioning back to a non-warzone environment. To view the Course Overview click here.


“The Icon Celebrity & VIP Protection Course is a must for anyone looking to break into the industry or for those already actively working in the field that just want to stay fresh and sharp. Industry insiders will tell you that consistent training is paramount to being hired and successful in the EP business. I have graduated from their courses and I use the skills learned everyday while providing protection. The instructors are top notch in the industry.”

– Sean Ernest, PPS

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